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The Sai Satcharita is the Bible for all of Sai Baba's devotees as it documents Baba's life and His leelas. This sacred work was originally composed in poetic form by Baba's intimate devotee, Govind Dabholkar (Hemadpant).


While the manuscript was composed in native Marathi as a series of poetic ovis, it has been translated several times over the years.


The more popular abridged editions unfortunately excluded Baba's holy words and important details of the leelas, but they did succeed in making the account of Baba's life available to His devotees. 

There were word-to-word translations, some of which were not accurate, while others  lacked context, and still others got enveloped in long commentaries, making it difficult for devotees to locate Baba's leelas and words easily for repeated reading. 


In The Essential Sai Satcharita, we have translated the original manuscript, ovi to ovi, retaining the essential for the sincere devotee. Highlighting Baba's words, digitally indexing the book, and adding an audiobook facilitates repeated reading and listening.



Advaita teacher Gautam Sachdeva adds special commentary to each Chapter, helping devotees reflect on the deeper meaning of Baba's leelas and how one can apply them in one's daily living.

vinny ma.png

Baba's historian, Vinny Chitluri adds a special historical commentary to each Chapter giving us precious insights into the leelas, the existing social and economic conditions, and life in Shirdi during Baba's time, thereby sharing with readers the fruit of her dedicated research spanning decades.

Baba's words

Baba's words are highlighted in each Chapter, with the original Marathi ovi copied above. In other editions one has to spend a lot of time searching for Baba's quotes and marking them.

accessible to EVERYONE

The edition is still being finalised and is being shared chapter-wise. The book is available for free - now and forever - like all of our films, podcasts and other material, so that Baba's teachings are accessible to everyone.

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